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Spray tan Amsterdam on YourLittleBlackbook

Anne de Buck van YourLittleBlackbook reist regelmatig voor haar blog naar tropische bestemmingen. Om haar skin vakantie-proof  te maken neemt ze vaak een spray tanning bij Pure Tans.


Do you envy the ladies with perfectly tanned legs?
 I normally use protection with F50 and I can tell you… that doesn’t bring you those tanned leggs. Luckily for me I discovered the secret about 6 months ago. And I think I was one of the last ones on the planet. But hey, you can’t be an early adopter on every matter ;-).

The best kept beauty secret to me is called spray tan… Something I probably wouldn’t have thought about a few years ago, but once you’ve experienced it I’m sure you want to do it again. It gives me the confidence to wear shorts on my first day of vacation instead of on the last :-).

And if I had discovered spray tan earlier in mu life I would have never gone to the tanning bed. Now I just schedule a meeting with Asia of Pure Tans and within only 20 minutes my skin is caramel coloured. Pure Tans is a beauty address in Amsterdam I like to share with you!

Before every trip where I have to show my legs and wear a bikini I go to Pure Tans. I think it’s ideal, the tan lasts for over 4 days and fades slowly after that.”

YLBB Spray Tan

Wil je een afspraak plannen? Book direct online, of vul het contactformulier in dan nemen wij zo spoedig mogelijk contact me je op.




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